How to style with “Greenery” Pantone colour of the year 2017

When Pantone first announced  the colour for 2017 was to be “Greenery” I did not jump for joy, my mind cast back to my very first design job where I painted a curved reception wall in a beautiful  vivid green.  A few days after construction the Client called insisting on a repaint as the staff hated the green wall and referred to it as the “Wailing Wall of Green”.  The start of my design career was  nearly over before it had begun. Maybe I was ahead of my time.. It’s only taken 14 years since that day for green to come back into fashion.

“The wailing wall”

Luckily it was only paint and easily fixed, and my conservative clients decided to repaint the wall in, you guessed it “Beige”. Obviously I had not meet my Client’s brief and thought they were  more adventurous than they actually were.  This was one of my first lessons in ensuring I endeavour to design to the Client’s taste and style.

I have been “shy green” ever since and use this colour with caution.  The feedback on “Pantone Greenery” is mixed, some love it, others hate it.

So if you want to stay on trend in 2017 here are my top 3 tips  on how to use the colour of the year with confidence and success.


To successfully use green I recommend using this colour sparingly through accent pieces of furniture, materials and accessories.

Green represents harmony and balance and has a great calming effect,perfect to use in a bedroom styling scheme offering a sanctuary for rest and relaxation.

Cushions are a perfect introduction you can easily add texture and tone through a throw rug and drapes against a neutral background.Try mixing “Greenery” with various tones and hues of green.

If you want to style with the bare minimum I suggest the use of green abstract art work this is a perfect introduction to  “Greenery” using the correct tonal value of green without over powering the room.

Art work doesn’t have to be expensive with many online options where you can purchase the prints and frame them yourself,  alternatively  the printed canvas look is very on trend at the moment.

Green works well with white and you will always be  guaranteed  a nice fresh interior when mixed with citrus tones.  Why  not bring back the feature wall, not with paint but with fabric. Fabric is a great alternative providing a soft palette and acoustic properties.



One of the alluring aspects of “Greenery” is to represent New life, a fresh start. It appears there is an undercurrent of people who are very happy to say goodbye to 2016 with the hopes and aspiration of a new beginning in 2017.

“A refreshing and revitalizing shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings.” Pantone

To echo the sentiments of Pantone all you need to do is look outside at nature an instantly you will have a colour palette that is harmonious. Beautiful green leaves with white flowers punctuate a crisp fresh look, you can easily transcend this into an interior colour scheme of crisp white with  fresh vivid green followed  by  a tint of yellow.  Remember tip 1 and use small amounts of the above colours in your scheme and you will have instant success.

To add another element of nature, try introducing natural wood  into the interior through distressed painted wood with subliminal hints of green undertones for a casual urban renaissance.

The beauty of nature is encapsulated in time through green marble and granite, an alluring way to introduce nature and the colour of the year through raw materials, providing a timeless element of quality and strength without looking like you keeping up with the Jones’.

You can’t go past introducing plants into the interior scheme, select hardy plants that thrive on the indoor like palms and succulents. Indoor plants are perfect for purifying the air by taking in carbon dioxide which is then processed into oxygen. Plants make you feel alive and break down the barriers between indoors and outdoors.



The truth is in the colour wheel!

Not sure what to do with green then look at the colour wheel. My prediction for 2017 on how to use “Greenery” successfully is to use the rule of “The Analogous colour scheme”, simply this means colors that are next to each other on the colour wheel. The rule of thumb is to have one colour to dominate, one to support and the other is an accent colour.


The analogous colors that work with “Greenery” are a darker shade of green highlighted with yellow. It is up to you what ratio you want to use.  I recommend using the colour of the year as the dominant, followed by yellow with hints of a deeper green.

An old favourite is “Complimentary colours”, simply colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel. In this instance red is our complimentary colour. Try an eclectic mix of various colour chairs of green and red, naturally you will strike a balance.pantone-greeneryred


We have many options in using the colour of the year in 2017 and I’m sure we will all be able to incorporate a little bit of this into our interior colour schemes. Please share with Designerish  how you are using “Greenery” this year we would love to know.

I will leave you with a final thought:-

It’s not easy being green, just ask Kermit the Frog. Maybe this is his Pantone year.

carving-198629_1920 (2).jpg

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