Autumn Tones



As the leaves start to fall, and the jumpers emerge from the wardrobe we start preparing for the coldness of winter. I noticed this week the subliminal transition of the season has infiltrated into my recent design selections. My last two colour schemes incorporated an array of gold,orange and brown tones, with the hope of blue sky mixed into a navy hue.

The interior look is warm and comfortable with  a splash of navy, highlighted by the warm glow of orange.

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An example of an Interior using the classic relaxed colours of Autumn. The style  represents  soft brown tones with  copper hues finished with crisp white detail. The style is relaxed, warm and stylish.

bedroom-1807837_1920 (2)

The colour of autumn is represented in the warmth of interior brick work. Decadent highlights of gold embrace the richness of contemporary tiles. To add a small essence of autumn tones use cushions and fabrics in the colour of the season.

For more inspiration follow our Pinterest boards  “Autumn Tones” & “Colour Pallette”


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Country Cottage

As requested by Natalie, Designer ish have created a mood board for a living area. The inspiration reflecting a Country cottage look mixed with an element of National trust homes.

The country-style is soft and relaxing, with an air  of comfort. Furniture selections are based on oversized sofas, with cushions in natural hues of brown and taupe. There is nothing better than lazing on the couch with a nice cup of tea.

The introduction of soft pastel tones compliment the warmth of natural stone and  timber used in the furniture and fixtures. A beautiful rustic wooden table creates a pared back look, echoing the casual element of country lifestyle.

Our challenge to add an aspect of “Trust homes” is achieved through decorating with period style furniture. A classic wing back chair adds opulence with a sense of timeless beauty.

Thank you Natalie for your inspiration, we hope the country cottage mood board reflects your vision, and commences your design journey.



For further inspiraton we have put together two Pintrest boards “Country Cottage” & “The Manor”, please follow our boards to stay up to date with the look and style of Country cottage.

Designer ish

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Beach Style Get the look at Home


My perfect address would be by the beach with undisturbed 360 degree views of the ocean. The home doesn’t need to be state of the art, in fact the look would be casual, relaxed and a place to call home.

So if you can’t have the beach view ,then let’s bring the lifestyle home. A great beach colour palette echoes all shades of blue crisp white and neutral tones of the sand.

The beach style varies and can be tailed to suit your taste and budget. Look at our top 3 styles and select the one that is right for you.

 The relaxed weekend beach home


The beach lifestyle is all about fun in the sun, and sand between your toes. This design style is relaxed, no fuss and a mixture of comfortable inexpensive furniture items.

Distressed wood and painted furniture showing the sign of age creates a comfortable atmosphere. Draw inspiration from the beach with soft white and neutral tones with paint colours and floorboard options.

A nice coastal touch is the use of driftwood furniture and aqua blue accessories in vases and ornaments to give you that holiday feel. Don’t forget to hang up the “Gone fishing” sign on your way out.

Casual Sophistication on the beach


This is taking the beach look to another level, adding an air of luxury and sophistication through using simple clear lines in the furniture and accessories.

Draw inspiration from the aqua tones of the water, a perfect bedroom colour which can be used in the bedspreads, wall art and side tables.

The iridescence sparkle of the ocean can be replicated by using shot fabrics and silks for cushions . If you want a light coloured couch you can’t go wrong with using leather, durable and reliable.

This colour pallet used a range of  brilliant blues and turquoise mixed  with white and soft brown. Perfect flooring options are grey floorboards and soft neutral carpet colours. The beach look for those who like their comfort.

Colours from sand & driftwood


After a sanctuary look and feel then  use the relaxed colours from nature, draw inspiration from  driftwood  using quality linen fabrics and cotton in your furnishings.

Cane furniture adds a relaxed style yet is durable and economical.  This look is serene, uncluttered and free from mess.

We have moved away from the causal put your feet on the furniture to a styled form of everything in its place. The key to this look is using a mix of high quality materials and fabrics with comfortable free form furniture.

We hope you are inspired to add a touch of the beach lifestyle into your home this summer, remember a change is as good as a holiday.

Happy designing, till we meet again.

Designer ish