Simplicity is the key


Often the key to a successful design is to keep it simple, let the natural qualities of the materials and products stand out to represent pure quality and elegance.

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Style your home using the colour red.


The use of red within an interior environment is bright and fun, mixed with the softer tones of green, blue and purple to achieve a balance of harmony. In colour psychology red means passion, energy and action. Look around the fast food restaurants and you will see a variety of red interior tones to psychologically aid you to move in and out quickly.

Have fun with red in your home interior styling today through a mix of furniture, fabrics and paint colours. Below is a mood board showing you how you can incorporate these colours.

Artwork is the essential glue to bind the paint and furnishings together, featured is a sensational digital artwork by Michael Hunt, a UK artist experimenting with abstract colours of pink, neutrals with brush marks overlapping to show depth. The piece show is Junction available at  Michael Hunter Artist.red388

Use textured fabric compositions of deep purple, yellow and red available from Warwick Fabrics, the jazz range a beautiful woven fabric perfect for upholstery, drapery and cushions.

One of my favourite chairs at the moment is the Antilla Armchair available at  Furniture Options made in Poland out of  traditional bentwood and european beech timber. This chair adds an element of fun and innocence.

When trying to balance and harmonise the depth of red, tones of grey and white are perfect materials to use, in the mood board I have selected Pietra  marble circular mosaics perfect as a bathroom feature, available from Classic Ceramics.

Feeling bold and daring, then use red carpet as the rooms main feature the Portsea range, colour Chilli is available from  Godfrey Hirst carpets , featuring a beautiful plush pile carpet. If the red carpet is too bold for you, try the soft tones of paint by  Taubman paints.

Enjoy styling your home today with shades of red, pink, yellow and green. Please note we do not have any  affiliation with the above suppliers we just love their products and want to share our knowledge with you.


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Coffee Tones


To create a rich and luxurious colour palette we draw inspiration from the colour tones of Coffee. The coffee blends of latte create a soft neutral base to be built upon with the strength of black. To add a sense of balance and harmony inject aspects of orange to enhance the richness of the blend.

Designer ish have put together a scheme to help you recreate this look in your home. We recommend using the rich brown wood tones as the base; through flooring and furniture items. The look and period of furniture selected will dictate the overall style. To add a sense of drama we have selected a hand crafted chair upholstered in natural cowhide, designed by Alexander Satorni. The beauty can be seen in the detail. A statement chair in orange counterbalances the deep warm tones of brown, adding an element of fun.


Get the coffee look today

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An example of a coffee colour inspired interior. Using warm tones of brown, cream with an element of orange under tones. A sensational image by Chelly Rika.


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