Competition winner announced!

We are pleased to announce our lucky competition winner is:-



Here are a few examples of what to expect,simply let us know what style you like in comments and let Designer ish do the rest.

Coastal beach style inspired:-


 Pantone’s colour of the year “Greenery” inspired:-


Well as they say you have to be in it to win it, thank you 3Angels_Agnes for your support.

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Australia Day 2018

Happy Australia Day, a day to embrace and celebrate the diversity of the Australian way of living.

The colours of Australia are often associated with the richness of the blue sky, the red dust of the desert and the white sands of our beaches. I located this interesting image of the Australian flag represented in street art and appreciated the soft muted tones, still bold but subtle.


Enjoy the long weekend!

Designer ish

Top 4 tips on how to select the perfect sofa.

Furniture is expensive and it is important you make the right decision, otherwise you might find yourself looking at a sofa for the next ten years that you detest.  Designerish have put together our top 4 tips to assist you in selecting the perfect sofa for your living room to help you make the right choice.

1. Select the right size

Too often the sofa selected is too big or too small, you need to ensure you use the space proportionally. Very often furniture looks smaller in the shops so measure your space first and check you have adequate circulation space for movement, coffee tables and viewing distance from the television. When measuring 850-1000 mm is a good rule of thumb to allow adequate circulation space between walls.

2. Select the right shape, is the modular look really for you?

The modular lounge is very on trend at the moment but can be a disaster, especially if you select the wrong return so ask yourself do you need a right or left return? Here in this room layout we have selected the right return to delineate the area between the lounge and games room whilst at the same time creating a subliminal walk way.  The low line of the modular lounge create a soft and relaxing look with a mix of ottomans to inject an element of fun.  As all rooms are unique seek out a manufacture willing to custom design a sofa to your exact requirements, often this is at no extra charge if your supplier is local.  This layout is based on  the Amelie from Freedom Furniture

modular lounge


Selecting the correct side return in a modular helps to open up the space and divide various areas to create zones within zones.

3. Determine the functionality of the room, how will you use the space?

To assist in determining the correct shape and layout of the sofa it is important to determine the functionality of the room. If the function of the room is for relaxation and conversation then it is imperative the position of the chairs are located appropriately to   promote engagement. An example is shown in this layout with a large three-seater sofa mixed with a two-seater and an individual arm chair. This layout promotes conversation and engagement without the focus being on the entertainment unit. You can have fun with this layout and select different furniture settings rather than purchase all items from the same range.

This layout is based on the Attica range and Box chair from Freedom Furniture.

three seater


Mix various style and fabrics to keep the space interesting, you don’t want to look as if you have purchased everything from the same store.

4. Does your space maximise the audiovisual layout?

Is your layout correct, can you see the TV from where you are sitting? It is important to select the correct layout if one of the main activities is to watch TV.  To maximise this space a 3.5 seater directly positioned in front of the audiovisual center with two angled  chairs ensures each person has a great vantage point of the room. You can have fun with this layout by using both the arm-chair and sofa from the same range and inject an element of colour through selecting a designer feature chair. This layout opens up the room to create an informal and relaxed contemporary style using the Attica lounge suite and Box chair from Freedom Furniture


It is important to consider the vantage point of each seat for viewing of the TV if this is a key function of the room. Why not make the audiovisual area a feature of the room as shown in this inspirational image.


Once you have determined the size of the room and functionality you are better equipped to start shopping and thinking about the exact shape, size and layout you want to create in your living room. As you can see the possibilities are endless. The most important element is to have adequate circulation space to promote a seamless transition between various spaces within your home.

Please note we do not have any affiliation with the suppliers mentioned we just love their furniture and hope you can be inspired by our ideas.

Happy shopping, now go take advantage of the new year sales.


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Competition time 2018

It is that time of year again and we are offering one lucky winner a personalized concept board showcasing your look and style. Simply  note in comments what look and style you like and if you are our lucky winner Designer ish will do the rest.


Here are a few examples of what to expect,simply let us know what style you like in comments and let Designer ish do the rest.

Coastal beach style inspired:-


 Pantone’s colour of the year “Greenery” inspired:-


Well as they say you have to be in it to win it, comment today and watch this space as you just might be our lucky winner, announced 17th February 2018.

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New year new you 2018

Happy New Year, may this year be the year where you achieve all of your dreams and goals. At Designer ish we aim to at least help you on the way to making it a stylish one.

Thank you for your support in 2017 and we look forward to keeping you up to date with the latest and greatest design trends for the year ahead. Looks like it’s going to be a purple one so let’s have fun!

new year 2018


water-lily-2334209_1920 (2)

2018 Pantone Colour of the year Ultra Violet 18-3838

The colour for 2018, in the words of Pantone Is “dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade, PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.”

Looks like a positive way forward into next year.

Watch this space for ideas on how to style with Ultra Violet.





For more read about this colour of the year at  Pantone

Cherry blossom inspiration

Cherry blossom trees only flower for a limited time of the year so it is always exciting when the first flowers appear in spring. In Japan the cherry blossom symbolises clouds due to the nature of them blooming on mass and is celebrated during the  Hanami festivals to embrace the  beauty of the cherry blossom.

This week I decided to select a relaxing colour palette based on the cherry blossom flower for a current bedroom makeover. Looking at the soft colour palette of the pink and the richness of the branches a delicate and relaxing mood is required.

cherry blossom

The second stage of the design process is to start locating appropriate material selections, I decided to put together a cherry blossom inspired flat lay, as shown below.


The beauty of nature is reflected in the  material selections where I have used the raw texture of sisal ,soft pink paints teamed with neutral fabrics to create a relaxing a feminine look. The next stage is appropriate furniture selections, time to go shopping, watch this space as the design develops.

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Green with envy!

As the year starts to wrap up we still have a few months to embrace Pantone’s colour of the year “Greenery”, symbolic of new beginnings and new life.  How has 2017 been for you so far and has Greenery lived up to it’s name?

Below are a few green images of inspiration, use splashes of paint and furniture items to incorporate the freshness of green in your interior.greeneryvibe

To use Greenery in your Interior try using a mix of carpet, designer rugs with an injection of mosaics and beautiful one off hero furniture pieces.

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To read more, visit our article in February

How to style with Greenery 2017

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