How to create a dramatic colour scheme!

This week I received a request for a colour scheme filled with drama and intensity. Initially I thought, wow, how do I achieve this? Through further consultation and client preference we designed a look that incorporated strong natural stone and dark wood tones to create a unique look.

A moody art work helps to create a strong element of mystery through muted tones highlighted with gold in the marble and furnishing items. The secret to this look is selecting high range items to create a sophisticated atmosphere that is dramatic and daring whilst still offering an element of comfort.

You will notice we have not used black, rather dark shades of brown to ensure an element of warmth is created and removes the harshness and coldness often associated with the dark tones of a dramatic scheme. Careful selection is the key when selecting finishes and materials.

The best place to start creating a colour scheme is to drawn on the colours found within your material selections. As an example, when selecting the natural marble we looked at the colours found within the structure to highlight the natural properties within nature. Below is a colour palette highlighting the colours drawn from the marble as a base to select select materials and furnishings.

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