Top 5 bedroom design Tips

Congratulations to our competition winner  3Angels_Agnes who requested a bedroom design inspired with contemporary wood tones. When designing a bedroom interior scheme it is important to create an environment using colour tones that promote rest and relaxation. Using natural materials and products enhance the interior to create a sophisticated and contemporary approach.

The request to use wood tones was incorporated through accent pieces where the materials and accessories worked together to create a soft muted colour palette of browns, white and golden hues as shown in the mood board below:-contemporary bedroom3a

Tip 1- Use wood tones sparingly

When designing with wood elements it is important to know you don’t have to use wood everywhere, this can overtake the overall design and we recommend to use wood tones sparingly in accent pieces.  The Lulu bedside tables in natural ash veneer and two pack white paint by  keeki creates a minimalist look working together with the Copenhagen table lamps by Beacon Lighting. To compliment the wood elements the Mallory fully upholstered queen size bed  with a lift base provides additional storage and the upholstered bed- head  creates warmth providing a perfect balance to the wood tones by Keeki.

Tip 2- Use natural materials

To create casual sophistication use natural linen and cotton bedding with soft tones for a timeless interior. Linen is a strong material that is breathable and lightweight providing comfort in summer and winter and combines perfectly with cotton providing additional warmth and comfort.  Cotton pillows are economical and add a colourful and fun element to the bedroom interior that can be changed regularly to keep up with emerging trends.

pillow-1890940_1920 (2)

Tip 3- Use artwork to balance the room

Artwork is the perfect platform to combine  colours drawing on the warm wood tones, yellow hues and white colours, perfectly depicted in the artwork by Rikki Drota “Sweet pea” available at Great Big Canvas.We recommend large artwork or elements of three to create a statement to the room, an abstract image promotes longevity and is timeless.

Tip 4- Use rugs to create warmth

Rugs are a perfect introduction to mix up the colour scheme of the room and similar to the artwork,  work together to seamlessly intertwine the colours of the room . In this scheme we have selected “Mwamba” from the legends of carpet range by Walter Knoll. Mwamba is part of a collection of hand-knotted wool rugs, using silk and nettle yarn from the Tibetan highlands inspired by the colours of Africa to create timeless works of art, available at Living Edge. 

 Tip 5- Use designer statement pieces

If you have the budget to enhance the overall interior a designer chair is a brilliant focal point in the bedroom. In keeping with the wood theme we have selected the GJ Chair in Oregon Pine, part of the GJ Collection designed by Danish designer Grete Jalk available at Living Edge. The GJ chair is the perfect piece of furniture to compliment the minimalist wood tone bedroom interior scheme requested by 3Angels-Agnes.

lange-production-gj-chair-02 2

Thank you 3angels_Agnes for the opportunity to design a bedroom interior inspired by wood tones with a minimalist look.

Please note Designer ish is not affiliated or paid to recommend the above products, we just love promoting great design.

For further inspiration please follow our Pinterest board “Bedroom designs”


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